The Essay Test

7 06 2008


The following email came yesterday from one Song Ko, MBA.

Hello, David
Thank you for submitting your essay. After reviewing your documents and essay, we have decided to recommend you to one of our partners. We will contact you soon to schedule a final (phone) interview with one of our partners, thank you.
Best regards,
Song K. Ko MBA
After some research I’ve found out that what Mr. Song promises is pretty competitive for a one-year tour: round-trip airfare, 15 paid national holidays per year along with 10 paid vacation days, free housing, one month’s severance pay at the end of the term, and 40,000,000 won per year (around $40,000). Thirty hour workweek. Pretty cush.
This is a chance for me to plug into structured life that lets me do much of what I want: to teach, to contribute to other people’s lives, to save money, to travel, to live abroad, to immerse myself in otherness and shuffle off my concrete understanding of things, to be reborn.





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